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Using the Check-in to Cultivate a Culture of Growth and Trust

As leaders and HR departments move away from last year's "keep the lights on" approach, they're turning their attention toward determining how best to help their organizations grow and innovate. With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the only way for organizations to survive and grow is to change their employee experience model by shifting from treating employees as resources to treating them as valued and respected human beings.

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Blockchain and the Transformation of HR

No longer a pipe dream but now a reality, the use of blockchain in HR has the potential to improve recruitment, hiring, learning, and many other aspects of people’s work experiences. In a typical scenario, an applicant collects the relevant blockchain credentials (e.g., contact information, job history, education history) that have been issued to them over their careers, opens up their blockchain wallet on their smartphone, scans a QR code on a job description, then taps “accept” to submit their credentials in both machine-readable and human-readable formats.

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How to Use Workplace Culture to Motivate Employees

Anyone who worked an office job during the 1990s is probably very familiar with motivational posters. Each featured a photo of scenery or of someone succeeding at a challenging activity (such as rock climbing or hang gliding), and below it a black background with some pithy quote. During that decade, it was impossible to walk into a corporate workplace without spotting at least one of those posters hanging next to the watercooler or gracing the HR director's door.

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The Importance of "Momboarding"

For most women, returning to work after maternity leave is, at the very least, complicated. No matter how much they love their jobs, their bosses, and their colleagues, and no matter how eager they are to return to the professional world, many new mothers feel conflicted about transitioning back to the workplace (and away from being with their new children constantly).

Many companies, too, face challenges during this turbulent period, as they struggle to support and retain their people. A study by the U.S. Census Bureau found that "one in five women quit their job before or shortly after the birth of their child in 2006 - 2008." But it doesn't have to be this challenging for women to balance motherhood and their careers.


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Time-Block Your Way to Productivity

Want to become one of the most productive people in the office? Take a page from Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and other entrepreneurs and creatives who are famous for their productivity: replace traditional to-do lists with time blocks.

Like 43 Folders, Gettings Things Done, bullet journaling, and countless other time- and task-management techniques, time blocking helps people be more productive by providing a structure they can use to organize their time and attention. Unlike those other strategies, however, time blocking doesn't stick with a high-level perspective on a day but instead requires users to carve their time into smallish (usually 15- or 30-minute) blocks. Each block lists one thing - and that's all you focus on during that time period.

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